The marvelous effect and usage of the new energy—solar power

Among all the new energies, solar power is an essential part. Besides solar water heater, solar cars and solar inverter, what else magic usage of solar power? It is said that it is possible for us to live in the solar house. And what’s more, solar ship and solar barbecue will also be fresh and new.


There is a solar house in the China University of Technology. The 200? house looks a little strange. There are full of metal plates on the above and two sides. The difference is that the entire power source is from solar power. Ji Jie Professor said that the solar house was built in the early this year. It all cost over 1.5 million RMB. The heating, air conditioning, hot water, power generation, lighting and ventilation are all from solar power. It is environment protection and saves PV inverter  energy. The house is totally independent R&D by the Technology University of China. Part of the technology in the solar house can be civilian use and has economic benefit. If the conditions permit, it is total possible for the public to live in the solar house in the future.


The solar ship will show up soon. As the scenic area has big noises and produced lot of pollution, it is a damage of the ecological water surface. Therefore, the director of the Anhui Company decided to build a solar inverter ship.


Recently, the 11-person ship has been finished establishment and it relies on the solar power. If meeting the rainy weather, the ship also can be use by charging.


Before, the public thought the smokeless barbecue environmental protection. A foreign specialist introduces that the barbecue with solar power is more environment protection. It replies on the reflective plate to catch the heat of solar and do the barbecue. This is popular in the overseas. Actually, there is solar barbecue in China. In the Sun Valley in Dezhou, Shandong, to roasted sweet potatoes, baked bread and stew beef with solar power is one of the specialist tour projects in Sun Valley. In the fine weather, even in winter, to bake a bread only need five minutes, 40 minutes for roasting the potatoes, stewing beef and boiling the water. And they all rely on the solar power.

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