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The Fidelity Global Group Ltd.


The Investment Credit Division of Fidelity Global Group, LTD., entering its 56th year, is interested  in reviewing funding proposals for global and local energy projects, including the  following:

  • Alternative energy
  • “Green”   energy and power
  • Biomass & biodiesel
  • Fuel cells
  • Cogeneration         
  • Waste and water recycling 
  • Other enviro-friendly technologies
  • Oil and gas
  • Coal bed methane
  • Oil recovery and remediation
  • Equipment and industry services and support
  • Pipelines and security systems







These energy projects also may include new software technology for the reduction of energy costs that involve natural gas, electricity, power plants or other by products. The Fidelity will consider existing companies with strong expansion plans or proven new technologies with patents.  Projects seeking from US $5 million and above will be considered. Existing energy plants requiring funds for retrofit are eligible for funding consideration. We are “proactive Investors” for enviro-friendly engineering technology. We also providefunding and recycling remediation solutions for contaminated toxic sites, manufacturing plantsand real estate projects.

The process of “plant permitting” may require our assistance for “unique solutions”, which also includes plant engineering insurance for efficiency.

Please send a 3-5 page executive summary on a qualified energy project or toxic sites for our immediate review, in English only please.

You are invited to send project descriptive material to me by return email.

 Alistair Whitespur

 Conduit Division

The Fidelity Global Group, LTD

Woodacre, Mersham, Ashford.



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