The Data of numerical projections

Any condition of a matter is defined by an adequate numerical condition of the maintenance of the structure. Value of number gets sense when there is an extent of its definition. Degree of number establishes numerical structure of the elementary values making a projection of various bases of number. Therefore, equality of numerical projections corresponds to an inequality of structures of these projections. This ratio leads to functional expression of various structural systems. Thus, symmetry of projections contains functional asymmetry of numerical structures. In this case, the structural contour of projections makes the functional density of projections.

Functional distribution of values of numerical symmetry contains a polar condition of the general system in structure of projections for these projections.      Here it is necessary to tell about various distribution of density of projections in structural volume.      Violation of symmetry of projections happens due to distribution of repeating numerical values in various scales of numerical structure.    

This definition depends on the numerical projections passing through counter projections at the expense of large-scale functions. The static numerical model of structure of unit, keeps equality of these values, defining polar characteristics of numerical scales. It means that any natural number comprises structure of the numerical scales making various combination of projections.

The unity of all numbers is carried out by a condition of equality of degree of projections for each number separately. Therefore, equality of all numbers is established by degree of numerical projections. Conditions of concentration of numerical projections define functional division of polarization of numerical equality. Function of transformation of numerical projections defines a position of number of rather own projection. Extent of communication of number and projection makes value of transition from number to number in the conditions of the maximum symmetry.

These definitions will well be coordinated with genetic structures of isotopes before manifestation of physical properties of nuclear symbols. In this case, the structure of Oxygen-16 provides own structure of a nucleon in absolute value of projections of a proton and a neutron in a pose of the relations of the structures in sequence of transition of projections of structure of a proton in neutron structure. These characteristics of other mirror kernels don’t correspond to ideal combination of numerical projections in the structures. In this case, all isotopes are divided into the periods of the maintenance of projections to mirror kernels and after mirror kernels. These relations are established between proton and neutron numbers. In the conditions of genetic functions, the number of a proton of mirror kernels is the general for the main genetic symbols. Therefore, the projection of a neutron of any kernel can be presented as extent of transition from a proton to a neutron. Then, the structure of the general proton can be presented as a numerical position for future projections of neutron functions. Neutron – a proton projection. Proton – structure of numerical structures of projections of various neutrons. The structure of number determines the scale of projections. Thus, the position of number of a proton characterizes degree of numerical projections concerning its structure. The established connection of number and projections defines a contour – numerical structure between number and a projection. This number – degree of freedom is presented as a pose of relative symmetry of communication. Optical refraction – reorientation of events of communication – the minimum value of polarity of functions of a proton and a neutron – number and a numerical projection. Here coordination of numerical values makes degree (n^-1) for two numbers of the perpendicular values defining a projection of number of degree of freedom. This organic expression of interchangeable structures of elementary functions. Bilateral expression of one projection forms pair communication of polar numerical structures.

Thus, philosophical value of projections establishes the reason of equality of numbers. The position of perception of the general World – is a projection of expression of any perception. In this case, the basis of the theory of relativity is presented in the form of localization of a physical projection from a set of structures as definition of a type of moment expression of certain material properties. The general condition of structure contains all possible functions of reflection in the uniform moment of the maximum density of events at the same time. This static contents is in a combination of a continuous communication of all numerical events. Thus, conclusions of quantum physics about aspiration of symmetry of a photon to zero value aren’t explained by a quantum limit of events of phase transitions. The period of reorientation of values of number of an event really to aspire to zero, but passes in the large-scale version into polar number of the corresponding projection. Transition scale – focus of projections is unlimited in value of degree of projections. Similar transitions are resulted by huge numerical barriers between polar values. The sum of these values defines concrete number of polar orientation. For example, the principle of transition of a genetic proton between Oxygen and Nitrogen charges, in sequence of the relation of mass number to number of a charge of mirror kernels, are in a projection: (mp^-1).

Functional value of each numerical structure determines dynamic change of nucleons for transitions of numerical projections from a proton to a neutron by the principle of a numerical expression: (mp → m (n/p) → …), without change of a contour and mass number. Feature of the maintenance of numerical structure of all isotopes of Oxygen establishes the principle of distribution of numerical projections concerning reorientation of a mirror kernel of Oxygen – 16. All structures of protons from Oxygen – 13 to Oxygen – 20 contain capture of projections of neutrons. Reorientation of number of degree of freedom happens only in Oxygen structure – 16. In this case, it is necessary to assume a hypothesis of a materialization of a projection of a neutron in proton structure. The mechanism of value of a materialization of energy contains two aspects of a condition of functional numerical structures of a proton and a neutron. For example, the number of a proton of Oxygen – 20 comes back to value of basis of a square – structure of two charges – a photon. The number of a neutron becomes equal to proton number. In structure of all isotopes of Oxygen there is a smooth transition from value of number: (n) to value of number: (n^-1). Coordinates of these values are fixed by serial number of transition of number of events in Oxygen structure. Definition of functions of a proton and neutron makes the relation of numbers of projections of events in structure of nucleons. This relation is equal in proton structure to nucleon number. This relation is equal in neutron structure to a projection of number of an event.

Structures of isotopes of the main genetic symbols, following from Hydrogen:   Helium, Nitrogen and Carbon contain reorientation of functional values.   Nitrogen – 12 is in reorientation between (309 – 310) values of numbers of events.   Nitrogen – 13 between (153 – 154).   Carbon – 9 (309 – 310).   Carbon – 10 (195 – 196).   Carbon – 11 (93 – 94).   Helium – 3 (442 – 443).  Isotopes with a large number of neutrons have no reorientation of functional values in the numerical structures.

These data confirm a hypothesis of cold development of the Universe and can be used in technologies of cold nuclear synthesis.

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