The Collective Impact of State RPS Initiatives

There are currently 21 state renewable portfolio standards (RPS) underway in the U.S., with 12 other states considering passing such laws. The collective environmental and political impact of these initiatives is significant. As state governments and utilities realize the importance of implementing a RPS, their actions are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging federal lawmakers to push for a national renewable energy standard.

Jeff Deyette, an analyst for the Clean Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, has studied all the state standards and put together an online tool that outlines each state’s requirements, pollution reduction and expansion efforts. Jeff joins us to talk about the momentum these renewable energy standards are creating. Also on the podcast: Denis Du Bois, Editor of Energy Priorities Magazine, informs us about the latest developments in rooftop concentrating solar technologies in his latest “Energy Minute.” Also, we’ll speak with two executives from Rackspace, a server hosting company, about the need for their industry to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. Inside Renewable Energy offers the latest in renewable energy news and information.

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