The Challenge for Feed-in Tariffs in Europe; Green Holiday Gift Ideas

European Union officials are currently debating the need for a voluntary renewable energy certificate trading scheme. Some countries that can’t meet their renewable energy targets — namely the UK — are in favor of such a system, as it would allow them to purchase credits from countries that have excess generation capacity. However, many people are worried that a certificate trading scheme will undermine the feed-in tariffs already in place around Europe, hurting the distributed renewable energy market that is flourishing around the region.

Dirk Hendricks, Director of the European Union Liason Office at the World Future Council, joins us to talk about how a trading scheme could drastically change the market for renewable energy in Europe. Hendricks has been speaking with EU officials about the proposed trading system, and he’ll tell us how the debate is playing out on both sides of the issue.

Also in the podcast: Chris Stimpson, Executive Campaigner for Solar Nation, comments woefully on the Energy Bill that passed Congress this week.

Plus, Hank Green, Editor of the technology blog talks about some of his favorite gifts to make the holidays a little less wasteful.

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