The Advantages of Photovoltaic Systems

• Unlike the existing systems, the utmost advantage is its being able to produce electricity

freely without any need of fossil fuel and connection.

• Used fuel can be found free and in everyplace. They have no problems regarding carrying and storage.

• They need low maintenance due to that the moving parts used in the system are low.

The other systems used in producing electricity ( generators, wind and hydroelectric tirbunes etc.) need to systematic maintenance. If your PV system is complicated, It need a little bit maintenance but in general it can be called these systems as ‘’ free-maintenance’’.

• Comparing the other electric generation systems, probably their utmost advantage is their reliability. Their moving parts are almost non-existing. They resist to natural events like lightnings, tough winds or sand storms, moisture and heat, snow or glacial.

• It is possible to generate the energy where it is desired for using. It does not require to move the energy in this way. It is possible to use the system where the networks is absent for example; the places where the GSM transmitters installed

• It is possible to avoid the possibility of power loss stemming from the lack of long cables and connection factors between the energy source and place of use. Due to this system, local losses are almost non existing even if many consumption points want to be fed.

• Power output can be increased easily due to the fact that it’s a modular system. The system can be enabled the increasing power requirement thanks to adding new modules to existing ones.

There are lots of advantages of using solar power energy. Using solar energy is not only just for humans to take advantages from but it is also useful for environment as well. These are the several advantages of solar energy;

  • The most unique and best feature of solar energy is its abundance in quantity available to our mother earth, if we use it to maximum levels it is not going to go any where until next five billion years.
  • Solar energy plants are available for both small scale energy requirements and for larger scale energy requirements; it cops the market for both residential and industrial requirements.
  • Solar energy can is easily be provided in rural areas where conventional electricity is not present already or it may cost more to setup electric grid station. It is cost effective to use solar energy generation methodologies in such rural areas.
  • Solar power plants can also be connected to existing source of power generation to form hybrid system to boost energy requirements during sunny, hot and dry day.
  • Solar power plants are normally very flexible. Solar cell modules or arrays comes in different shapes and sizes, it can be fixed on land or can be mounted on roof tops for maximum sun light exposure. Solar cell modules can also be fixed on glass skylights or vertical walls.
  • Solar panels now come equipped with such devices which converts DC output from solar panels into AC for consumption. This way residential and commercial business owner can reduce their conventional electricity bills which are increasing day by day.
  • Net metering is another impressive advantage of using solar energy. Net metering is term which refers to selling energy to conventional grid station in cases of excess production using solar panels. This way electricity bills are reduced by sending electricity back to grid station.
  • Solar power panels are durable and do not require much maintenance, once in while cleaning of solar cell modules will be it. Average life time of solar power panels are up to 20 to 25 years, which justify the initial cost of solar panel.
  • Solar power systems are soundless, efficient and without any pollution. Solar panels are capable of connecting with other type electric generators for instance gas turbines, wind, hydro etc. Batteries can also be charges for constant electricity supply.
  • Larger solar power panels can help in meeting the demands of new power generation sources. These panels are easy to develop then other power generation plants. Solar power panels are very easy to expand, all is require adding up solar cell modules into it and it will start producing more electricity.
  • Solar power systems are very friendly to environment and do not pollute it in anyway, they do not have any by product only electricity is produced. When solar electricity is used in place of energy generated by fossil fuels for meeting needs like lightening homes, office buildings, pumping of water etc, it will reduce amount of carbon-monoxide, greenhouse gasses and other pollution emitted into air. The more electricity from solar panels is used the more it is benefited for environment to reduce impurities from our atmosphere. 
  • Solar electric system can be useful in employment through out the world. It has already benefited US economy by producing jobs in US solar electricity companies.


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