Texas Wants to Be Fuel Cell Capital Of The World

Seventeen representatives of fuel cell manufacturers, technology companies, state agencies and consumer groups have met in Texas to recommend how the state could lead in the commercial application of fuel cell technology.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, US, 2001-11-29 [SolarAccess.com] The Fuel Cell Initiative Advisory Committee was initiated by the State Energy Conservation Office, which has been directed by the Texas legislature to develop a plan and to report to the legislature on the viability of the fuel cell industry in Texas, now and in the future. FCIAC has ten months to develop recommendations on a statewide plan to accelerate the commercialization of fuel cells, which are seen as environmentally alternative power sources because they use cheap and readily available natural gas, methane or hydrogen to produce power. “My dream is a few years from now, we can talk about how a small group of people changed Texas,” says Ralph Marquez, chairman of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. “I believe the time is right. I believe the Texas Legislature wants some new ideas. Texas government is fully behind your efforts.” Malcolm Jacobson of Fuel Cells Texas, a non-profit industry group, says the technology could revolutionize the energy industry, utilities and transportation. The big hurdle is the cost of manufacturing, but fuel cells are “a tremendous opportunity for Texas to seize, to be the focal point of this industry for the world, as well as being known globally as the energy capital.”


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