Texans May Choose More Renewable Energies

A booklet may help consumers in Texas to choose cleaner electricity under deregulation of the retail industry next January.

AUSTIN, Texas, US, 2001-11-22 [SolarAccess.com] Texans who need information to choose between competitive offers for retail service can obtain a brochure, ‘The Electricity Facts Label: What It Is and How It Will Help You Shop for Electricity,’ produced by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Texas Electric Choice education campaign. It provides details about how the Electricity Facts Label will help customers to make a direct comparison when choosing a Retail Electric Provider that provides electricity to homes and businesses. “The Electricity Facts Label will have much of the information customers need to decide which REP’s service plan best meets their needs,” says PUC commissioner Brett Perlman. The Label is uniformly formatted to enable electric customers to compare a number of factors, such as the average cost of electricity in cents per kilowatt-hour at various usage levels, the effect of promotions, discounts or incentives and contract conditions. The Label, similar to nutrition labels found on food products, provides helpful information on electricity prices, contract terms, generation sources, and emissions in a standardized format. Each REP is required to provide its Electricity Facts Label to customers upon request. The Labels must also include the sources of power generation of the fuel mix used to produce electricity, such as renewables, coal, natural gas or nuclear. Consumers can also obtain the emissions of greenhouse gases that are attributable to the sources of generation used to produce the power they buy.

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