Testing Shows Green Biofuel Offers New Advantages

The properties for U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. (USSEC)’s green patent-pending biofuels tested positively for cold weather, viscosity and energy content as reported by Summit Environmental Technologies, Inc., a certified environmental analytic laboratory.

“We are thrilled with the results that Summit has provided on our biofuel. Where the most efficient processes today create 1.5 gallons of an inferior biodiesel in over 24 hours, our proprietary technology allows us to create 5 gallons of a far superior biofuel in under 9 minutes,” said John Rivera, CEO of USSEC. “We will be expanding production to our new 4 reactor system generating 24,000 gallons per day in our Natchez facility within 10 weeks’ time.” Using ASTM D-240-76 testing standards, Summit reports the heating value for the USSEC liquid biofuel is 128,000 BTU/gal., higher than traditional biodiesel. Using ASTM D-445 testing standards, Summit reports the USSEC biofuel did not freeze even at -90 degrees F, the limit of the pour point detector. This allows the company’s biofuel to be used in extremely cold temperature conditions. In addition to the biofuel being a valuable fuel in its own right, the USSEC liquid biofuel cloud point is lower than the end temperature limit of the typical cloud point measurement, making it useful as a supplement or blended with other biofuels and diesels to improve cold weather performance. Lastly, the USSEC biofuel has a flash point between that of regular gasoline and petroleum diesel, making it safe for fuel handling and, using ASTM D-445 testing standards, Summit reports the USSEC liquid biofuel has a lower viscosity, avoiding the gum-formation problem.
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