TerraPass and Expedia Offer Carbon-Balanced Flight

GS Carbon Trading, Inc. announced that its TerraPass division teamed up last month with Expedia to decrease the amount of carbon emissions released into the environment from air travel, which generates as much as 10% of the total U.S. transportation-based emissions of carbon dioxide. TerraPass funds clean energy projects throughout the U.S., including wind farms and biomass energy.

Expedia and TerraPass have partnered to offer consumers “passes” to help offset the greenhouse-gas emissions caused by their travel. For a round-trip cross-country flight of about 6,500 miles, a TerraPass costs about $17. Expedia gives all of the sales directly to TerraPass, which invests in projects designed to decrease carbon emissions in other industries. The program enables consumers to balance out their “carbon footprint.” By funding clean energy and conservation projects through Expedia and TerraPass, air travel consumers can sponsor a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that is directly proportional to the emissions created by their plane flights. TerraPass is the only member of the industry to have a published verification report created by an independent third-party auditor. All TerraPass purchases are verified by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions, the creator of the Green-e program, the leading U.S. certification standard for renewable energy.
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