Ten Percent Green Power for Office Supplier

September 24, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] Framingham, Massachusetts-based office supply retailer, Staples, announced that its renewable power use increased from less than two percent to ten percent of its total annual U.S. electricity consumption. As a member of World Resources Institute’s Green Power Market Development Group, which helps corporate buyers diversify their energy portfolios with green power and reduce their impact on climate change, Staples achieved ten percent renewable energy through the purchase of 46 million kWh per year of renewable energy certificates (RECs), which represent the amount of pollution avoided when electricity is generated by renewable resources instead of by fossil fuels. Staples’ RECs are generated by projects that produce electricity from wind farms in the Great Plains and from biomass and landfill gas resources. The purchase is equivalent to the annual power consumption of more than 4,000 homes.
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