Tellurian Acquires Superior Process Technologies

Tellurian Biodiesel has announced an agreement to acquire Superior Process Technologies (SPT) from Baker Commodities. The deal also gives Tellurian the technology to turn low-grade raw materials into high-quality fuels at prices that will be able to compete with petrodiesel.

SPT will serve as Tellurian’s engineering department, and Tellurian will continue to offer Baker access to research and development that assists its ongoing efforts in the field. All current SPT employees will be kept on to continue development of process technologies needed to convert commonly available and new, unique bio-based feedstocks such as algae oil and trap grease into renewable fuels.

“The SPT team brings to Tellurian a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unrivaled in the biodiesel industry,” said Fred Wellons, vice president of operations for Tellurian. “I’m very excited to be working with this team again. When it comes to making the highest quality biodiesel from recycled feedstocks, these folks are the most talented group of process engineers and chemists in the industry.”

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