Technology Acquired to Develop Waste-to-Energy Facilities

International Power Group, Ltd. (IPG) recently acquired proprietary patented technologies from three Swedish companies that are expected to help in developing waste-to-energy facilities and expanding into other renewable energy businesses.

These technologies, which include AddPower, a low temp turbine (LTT), and ScrubPower, a special emission-to- energy system, were acquired through a $2 million asset purchase agreement. “With the increasing need for alternative forms of energy, we are excited to have a technology that we can offer to other companies in the energy space, that can help them increase their output of clean electricity,” said Peter Toscano, IPWG President and CEO. “We also look forward to using these technologies to increase the efficiency of our future waste-to-energy facilities.” “We believe our acquisitions will allow IPWG to convert greater quantities of heat, produced from boilers and turbines, and potentially increase the output of salable electricity by 20 to 30% or more over technologies that are currently available.” The LTT technology will provide an extremely efficient “low-temp turbine,” which is powered by a proprietary fluid to drive the turbine and produce electricity at approximately 200 degrees F, whereas most conventional boilers and turbines can only produce electricity at temperatures between 600 and 800 degrees F. AddPower LTT units can be applied to renewable and alternative energy generation facilities, such as solar, thermal, geothermal, biomass conversion, and co-generation facilities, and can increase the efficiency of existing conventional oil, gas and coal-fired power plants. International Power Group, Ltd. plans to establish waste-to-energy facilities to convert commercial, hazardous, organic and toxic wastes into saleable electricity and potable water.
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