Tax Bills Sponsored for Biofuels Market

Tax breaks are often the quickest way to an industy’s heart, and approval of two exemptions and one incentive could provide a generous boost to the alternative fuel market in Washington State.

Rep. Brian Sullivan, D-Mukilteo, is the sponsor for three tax-based bills that passed in the House Technology, Energy and Communications Committee, and are moving on to the Senate fiscal committees. “These three bills continue the work begun in 2003 to build a biodiesel and alternative fuels industry in Washington State,” Sullivan said. “We have a golden opportunity to fire up the economic engine and improve the health of kids and everyone.” House Bill 1645 would exempt school districts from the state’s 28-cent-per-gallon special fuel tax on the bio-fuel portion of the fuel in their school buses if they use a blend that has more than 20 percent of a bio-based fuel mix with regular diesel. House Bill 1646 would encourage the alternative fuels industry through tax exemptions on sales and use tax, B&O, and property taxes for six years after building manufacturing facilities. And the final bill, House Bill 1647, would provide tax incentives for using and purchasing alternative fuel vehicles, alternative fuel refueling equipment, and alternative fuel. Sullivan has written benchmarks into all three bills to assess how well they work over time. “We really hit a triple-play with alternative fuels,” said Rep. Jeff Morris, D-Anacortes. “We create a lot of new jobs, especially in rural areas. We encourage energy independence with less oil from other countries. And we start using cleaner fuels which is better for public health.” For more information on each particular bill, see the links below.


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