Targeted Growth and Green Earth Fuels Make Deal to Produce Camelina-Based Biodiesel

Targeted Growth, Inc. (TGI), a renewable energy bioscience company, and Green Earth Fuels, a vertically integrated renewable biodiesel energy company, announced the formation of a joint venture called Sustainable Oils, Inc. at a press conference today. The new venture will produce and market up to 100 million gallons of Camelina-based biodiesel by 2010, launching the single largest U.S. contract for the unique biodiesel-specific feedstock.

Camelina, a distant relative to Canola, can grow on marginal land, requires minimal water or fertilizer, and can be harvested with traditional equipment. TGI has been perfecting Camelina for the past three years in greenhouse and field trials. Specifically, it has used non-transgenic molecular assisted breeding programs to create a crop that is well suited to Montana’s climate and soil and that produces high quality biodiesel.

“We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to use bioscience in a positive way to create U.S.-grown feedstocks that don’t compete with food crops, that minimize environmental impacts on our lands, and that create a truly sustainable and renewable fuel industry,” said Tom Todaro, CEO of Targeted Growth. “Our partnership with Green Earth Fuels is the first step on that journey.”
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