SyncWave Receives CAN $2M Grant from BC

Next-generation wave energy technology being developed in British Columbia by SyncWave Energy Inc. (SEI) is scheduled to be demonstrated off the West Coast of Vancouver Island in 2011. This timetable is looking more realistic as the Province of British Columbia’s ICE Fund has granted the projects CAN $2 million [US $1.6 million] in additional funding.

SEI has now raised approximately 60% of the total funds required to complete its demonstration project including this grant from ICE Fund, CAN $2.7 million [US $2.2 million] in a grant awarded earlier this year from the Government of Canada’s SDTC Fund, and a US $1 million pledge of in-kind contribution from Cianbro Corporation, a Marinus industrial partner.

“SyncWave Power Resonator is a third-generation frequency-based wave energy converter that can dynamically tune itself to maximize energy capture from the everchanging ocean swell” said Nigel Protter, president and CEO of SyncWave Systems Inc. “Additionally, our device was designed from the start to be simpler to mass produce, install and maintain relative to other wave energy technologies, imperative to the goal  of obtaining low cost bulk renewable energy from the sea.”

SyncWave Power Resonator (SPR) technology was invented by SEI with scientists from the University of Victoria, and engineered for the open ocean with Marinus Power LLC.

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