Surviving the Biodiesel Downturn

The biodiesel industry has been in rough shape over the last year. With oil prices down, two thirds of American refineries sitting unused and no national target for the fuel, there are many questions about where the industry will go next.

In this podcast, we’ll look at what companies are doing to survive the market downturn. And as we’ll find out, some companies are still thriving.

Chris Langille of Batchelder Biodiesel shows us around the company’s 300,000 gallon-per-year facility and talks about why relying on waste grease is a much better option than grain.

Rick Kment of DTN Research talks about the difference between small biodiesel producers and large-scale ethanol producers, and how those differences have impacted the industry.

Wall Street Journal Reporter Ann Davis discusses her latest article titled, “U.S. Biofuel Boom Running on Empty,” in which she writes about the financial problems that biodiesel and ethanol producers are facing.

This podcast is sponsored by Solar Power International.

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