SunTechnics Enters the Indian Renewable Energy Market

SunTechnics, subsidiary of Germany’s Conergy Group, announced its market entry in India, with its first assembly facility set up in Bangalore. SunTechnics Energy Pvt. Ltd., the Indian wholly owned subsidiary, will set up offices throughout India, increasing its sales, engineering and marketing reach with 100 employees by year-end.

“SunTechnics sees in India huge potential in the field of electricity generation by bioenergy,” said Stefan Mueller, Head of the Asia-Pacific region of SunTechnics, announcing the global licensing deal with the Indian Institute of Science Institution (IISc). “The cooperation in the field of biomass gasification technology between SunTechnics and the IISc is, of course, of strategic importance for us. Besides, we found the technology can be relevant in other parts of the world including Europe,” said Mueller. “SunTechnics will work on a plant solution based on this technology, which it can sell to its customers worldwide. We are quite excited by this reverse technology transfer.” “The recently proposed commitment of the Indian government to generate 10% of all electricity through renewable energy technologies by 2012 means that the Indian market for renewable energy is set to grow enormously,” said Hans-Martin Rueter, founder of SunTechnics and CEO of Conergy. This past June, SunTechnics successfully started running two biogas-powered electricity generation facilities in the Indian state of Kerala. The company is presently installing several photovoltaic systems for CREDA (Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency), each with a capacity of up to six kilowatts (kW). For WEBREDA (West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency), SunTechnics is integrating 58 kW of photovoltaic projects into buildings (BIPV). In Northern India, the installation of photovoltaic-wind-hybrid plants with a 50 kW capacity is being planned.
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