Sud-Chemie Enters Biodiesel Market

Benefuel, Inc., has announced an exclusive, worldwide manufacturing agreement with Sud-Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. (SCIL). Under the terms of the manufacturing and supply agreement, SCIL will manufacture the proprietary catalysts for Benefuel’s biodiesel production facilities around the world.

Benefuel’s solid catalyst technology, can turn most vegetable oils, animal fats or waste cooking oils directly into fatty acid methyl esters, without the need for pre-processing or post-process water washing. In October, Benefuel announced plans to construct the world’s first industrial-scale biodiesel refinery to use its solid catalyst. Construction of the plant, to be located in Seymour, Indiana, will begin in early 2008.

“This partnership with SCIL validates the unique attributes of our catalyst technology and the ability of our business model to serve international markets,” said Rob Tripp, CEO of Benefuel. “SCIL has decades of experience with catalyst manufacturing, including extensive experience in the chemicals market. We’re proud that SCIL picked Benefuel for its first foray into the biodiesel industry.”
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