Studying Energy

Happy New Year!

Had to disappear for a while but I have a good excuse: Last July, I began a masters program through the University of Colorado-Denver. At the end of this year, I will have a unique degree in Global Energy Management .

Now’s a good time to learn more about the business. It’s widely known that the energy sector is bracing for a brain drain: Roughly 50% of the sector’s senior managers will be eligible to retire within the next 5 years or so. The industry is hungry for experienced, educated people who understand the energy business and its many challenges. This MBA-like program with a focus on energy offers classes in energy accounting, environmental policy, and energy economics, to name a few.

Our class of about 25 students will soon begin “Renewable and Alternative Energy: Opportunities & Challenges.” The course, according to the curriculum, “focuses away from the hydrocarbon sources of energy and examines what challenges and opportunities exist for the establishment of those energy sources as viable industries.”

I’m looking forward to it and plan on sharing some of the subjects we study and discuss.



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