Students Win RECs for Dirty Energy Efforts

Students across the nation tried to raise awareness about clean energy through the Race to End Dirty Energy, and 10 institutions won green power for their efforts.

The race was a signature drive sponsored by Energy Action, which is a national coalition made up of more than 17 nationwide and regional environmental advocacy groups and dedicated to promoting clean energy resources. Students attending California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) managed to collect 27,000 signatures in two months, and came in eighth out of 10. Petitions were delivered to the White House and federal legislators, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed, and the President of the University of California, Robert C. Dynes. Because the students, who are members of the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC), collected and delivered so many signatures, Cal Poly will receive a clean energy award of 105,000 kWh of renewable energy. Renewable energy certificates (RECs) for the award will come from wind, solar and biomass energy sources across the country. The award will save the university approximately $12,600, which is the equivalent of about one day’s energy use. The students participated in the effort to encourage educational institutions to invest in renewable energy as a means to educate their community about the benefits and accessibility of renewable energy alternatives. Larry Kelley, vice president of Administration and Finance, said he is proud of the CSSC team and its commitment to renewable energy. “Cal Poly doesn’t have a large student population, so placing eighth nationally was really quite amazing,” said Rachel Aljilani, president of Cal Poly’s CSSC chapter and sustainability team leader for ASI’s executive staff. “I applaud the efforts of all the students who helped collect signatures and all the students who signed the Declaration of Independence from Dirty Energy.” The nine other schools that won energy awards are: the University of California at Los Angeles, Colgate University, Boston College, the University of California at Santa Cruz, Bishop O’Dowd High School, University of Florida, Smith College, Brandeis University and Temple University. Companies that provided energy for the awards are: Community Energy, Sterling Planet, 3 Phases Energy, WindCurrent, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Sun Power Electric, Renewable Choice Energy and EAD Environmental.
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