Structured Finance for Energy Projects Worldwide- $100M+ Close in weeks.

Working in conjunction our QIB investors in UK, as you know; we are reviewing energy projects globally in an attempt to provide project funding by arranging Structured Finance transactions (non-recourse debt).  These transactions begin at $100M and can go up to $500M, usually close in 8-12 weeks (will all required information provided), require $400,000 cash retainer to the law firm, HKG, LLC. These funds are credited at closing.   These transactions allow project developers to usually retain 100% of their company.  

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We vet energy project funding submission on behalf of the law firm.Arrange Structured Finance (non-recourse debt) for energy projects globally. Energy developers interested in exploring this faster, cheaper, more certain and leveraged method of project finance are engouraged to send Executive Summaries in confidence to Our firm policies preclude us from working with agents, brokers, intermediaries or consultants. Our experience with them has shown that they stifle/detract from successful closings.Thank you in advance for the opportunity to work with your company.Sincerley,Bill Fritz, MBAManaging Director

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