Strong fall chinook returns reported at Bonneville Dam

According to the Fish Passage Center website, adult fall chinook counted at Bonneville Dam were 212,618 as of Sept. 3, the second highest on record since counting began in 1938.

The record is 221,375 adult fall chinook in 2013. Counts that year ran from Aug. 1 to Sept. 1.

In 2015, single-day counts were 14,268 on Aug. 28, 22,449 on Aug. 29, 20,345 on Aug. 30, 20,107 on Aug. 31, 19,495 on Sept. 1, 22,799 on Sept. 2 and 212,618 on Sept. 3.

Total fish passage year to date at Bonneville Dam was 594,833 adult chinook, 46,084 chinook jack, 220,480 spring chinook adult, 46,084 spring chinook jack, 161,735 summer chinook adult, 17,730 summer chinook jack, 212,618 fall chinook adult, 15,040 fall chinook jack, 6,143 adult coho, 885 coho jack, 197,855 steelhead, 77,799 wild steelhead, 1,815,001 shad, 510,665 sockeye, 37,742 lamprey and 14 pink salmon.

Salmon returns in the Columbia River, counted at Bonneville Dam, were the largest in 2014 in any year since 1938. The 2014 run was about 2.5 million fish

The Fish Passage Center provides technical assistance and information to fish and wildlife agencies and tribes on matters related to juvenile and adult salmon and steelhead passage through the mainstem hydro system in the Columbia River basin.

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