Stratos Secures Investment from RNK

Stratos Renewables Corporation, a South American sugarcane ethanol producer, announced the company has entered into a strategic agreement with affiliates of RNK Capital LLC to structure and manage commodity transactions in the global emissions trading market.

Stratos will receive a portion of the proceeds from the future sale of such transactions made by RNK. In addition Stratos secured an equity investment from affiliates of RNK. RNK and its affiliates will manage all sales of environmental products for Stratos Renewables as part of their strategic agreement.

“Stratos Renewables is pleased to be partnering with RNK on what we believe will be a significant opportunity provided by our production of sugar cane ethanol in Peru,” said Stratos Chairman and President, Steve Magami. “We are very proud to be working with a leader in the business of carbon credits. RNK and its affiliates continue to break new ground in this emerging energy segment, and Stratos is excited to be working with them to create greater value for our investors.”

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