State Ramps Up Its Geothermal Efforts Down Under

Queensland, Australia [The Courier Mail] Queensland moved a step closer to producing electricity from “hot rocks” buried deep underground, with the Government announcing preferred tenderers for the state’s first geothermal exploration permits. Geothermal power stations use heat or water stored in subterranean rocks to power turbines and generate electricity. Some believe geothermal power generation has the potential to become one of Queensland’s next boom industries. Unlike NZ, Australia’s geothermal potential is not obvious on the surface but vast reserves of hot rocks and water are underground and Queensland is thought to have the nation’s best reserves. … Some 7 per cent of NZ’s energy is geothermal and geothermal projects have started in the Flinders Ranges and north of Port Augusta in SA. Victoria also is preparing to build geothermal power plants.


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