State Office Building Installs Geoexchange System

The County of Montrose has chosen EnLink Geoenergy Services, working with Par Mechanical and Intermountain Energy One Services to retrofit the Health and Human Services office building with a geoexchange heating and cooling system.

Montrose, Colorado – January 26, 2004 [] EnLink Geoenergy Services, is a design/build firm for geoexchange heat pump (GHP) systems that use the earth’s constant temperature, a renewable source of energy to produce heating, cooling and refrigeration. The system will reduce the electricity use for space conditioning, reduce emissions and eliminate water usage for space conditioning, allowing the county to save money while improving the environment. Ron Durham with the County explored several heating and cooling system options, including the possibility of a geoexchange heat pump system. DMEA brought in EnLink Geoenergy Services which specializes in this technology. EnLink worked with Par Mechanical and Intermountain Energy One Services in Montrose to develop a proposal that uses geoexchange for the facility. “The western slope of Colorado provides ideal conditions to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of geoexhange systems,” said George Head, President and CEO of EnLink. EnLink’s closed-loop GHP systems uses an earth heat exchanger (EHX) made of a network of vertical underground loops. Polyethylene pipes are inserted as loops and sealed with a highly conductive grout, and then the loops are fused to create one loop field. The earth acts as the heat transfer medium and a heat pump circulates a mixture of water through the EHX. This process cools building spaces by transferring heat from the building into the earth where it is stored. That thermal energy is available until needed during the winter when the energy is transferred from the earth back into the building and used for heating. The relative ease of exchanging heat with the ground and the reuse of energy stored in the earth is the source of the tremendous energy cost savings the GHP systems provide. The County will realize a rapid return on their investment through recurring energy, maintenance and other system savings, according to Enlink. Other benefits include greater comfort, more control over the temperature in each room or zone than conventional systems, improved building aesthetics and design flexibility, said Enlink. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), geoexchange systems are the most efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning system available.
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