State Offers Rebates on Hybrid Vehicle Purchases

State-based clean energy incentives are often seen in the form of rebates for solar energy systems. But the state of Pennsylvania is looking at rebates for hybrid vehicles purchases as a way to encourage people to buy green.

State Secretary for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Kathleen A. McGinty announced the Hybrid Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program, which enables residents to apply for a $500 rebate to assist with the incremental costs of purchasing a new hybrid-electric, bi-fuel, dual-fuel or dedicated alternative fuel vehicle. “Alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles save consumers money, especially as fuel prices continue to rise, and enhance America’s energy security by making our nation less dependent on foreign oil,” McGinty said during a visit to Sutliff Capital Ford of Harrisburg, which already has stocked and is selling new Escape hybrids. To qualify for the $500 rebate, the automobile must be registered in Pennsylvania and operated primarily within the state. The rebate will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the calendar year as long as funds are available. Using vehicles that achieve higher fuel efficiency standards, get better gas mileage and employ alternative fuels provides a greater degree of energy security and helps to lessen the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, according to the state’s EPA. In addition, embracing hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles positions the country to capture a market for the development and deployment of a whole new generation of vehicles. Governor Edward G. Rendell worked with members of the General Assembly and legislative leaders to eliminate restrictions on the percentage of grant funds that can support alternative fuel projects. Act 178 of 2004 allows the DEP to offer the rebate instead of a grant to Commonwealth residents who purchase hybrid electric and alternative fuel vehicles. For more information on how to file for the hybrid and alternative fuel vehicle rebate, visit the link below and search for the keyword alternative fuels.
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