SRS Engineering Planning 10MMGY Biodiesel Plant

SRS Engineering Corporation has finalized a contract with ReNvision Biofuels Inc. to build its 10 million-gallon-per-year (MMGY) biodiesel plant in, Alberta, Canada. SRS Engineering Corp. will provide the complete design and engineering services and the equipment required to build this biodiesel plant. The project will use a number of feedstocks that are available locally, including animal fats, canola and camelina.

The federal government of Canada recently mandated that the renewable fuel content for diesel and heating oil should be at least 2% by the year 2012 creating demand for 500 million liters/year (132 million gallons).

To promote mandates and to help with costs associated with technologies and market integration, the Alberta provincial government has set aside CAN $239 million [US $207.4 million] in funding. This funding has helped companies like ReNvision get started.

SRS Engineering offered an in-kind contribution on its plant in return for a small stake in ReNvision. This established an infrequent opportunity for both parties for which both parties are incredibly excited about.

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