Soybeans Good for PA’s Renewable Energy Crop

Soy Energy, which transforms soybeans to refined soy oil that can be used as a fuel extender in diesel engines, was recognized during a meeting of the Alternative Fuels Renewable Energies Council, as a member of the PA Preferred brand program.

Soy Energy buys, sells or trades almost 1.5 million bushels of soybeans per year. Of this, 89 percent comes from Pennsylvania growers. The Penn State Energy Institute estimates that the state’s farmers will receive an additional 27 cents per bushel given Soy Energy’s impact on the market. Under Governor Rendell, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania has taken steps to advance the adoption and development of alternative and renewable energy technologies. In December 2004, the Governor implemented a new clean-energy portfolio standard that will cut energy costs, promote economic development, and encourage technologies to protect and restore the environment by ensuring more electricity is generated from environmentally beneficial resources. The PA Preferred brand program was recently launched by the Dept. of Agriculture to promote local standards. Soy Energy is the first renewable energy company to carry the brand, but Sysco Food Systems is another PA Preferred member. Sysco has incorporated Soy Energy’s oil as a fuel extender, helping the company to manage escalating diesel fuel prices. Use of soy oil reduces fuel costs for companies and benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions.
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