Soy-Based Biodiesel Can Burn as Cleanly as Natural Gas

Columbia, Maryland [] LPP Combustion, LLC has demonstrated the patented LPP Combustion System will allow soybean oil-based biodiesel to burn as cleanly as natural gas, with no net greenhouse gas emissions. Because biodiesel is a renewable fuel, gas turbines burning this fuel with the LPP System can provide “carbon neutral” electrical power by producing no net greenhouse gas emissions. LPP Combustion has developed an enabling technology that provides the cleanest possible use of biofuels in a combustion device without the need for post-combustion pollution control equipment. The soy-based biodiesel was provided by Renewable Energy Group Inc. (REG), an Iowa-based full-service company and leader in the biodiesel industry. REG markets biodiesel to customers for the on-highway, marine, military, home heating and agricultural industries.
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