Southridge Breaks Ground in El Salvador

Southridge Enterprises, Inc. has announced that the it has broken ground on a new ethanol manufacturing plant in El Salvador. Announced in December 2007, the new plant will have an expected maximum annual capacity of 20 million-gallons-per-year (MGY).

The company expects to begin construction, which will take approximately 12 months, within the next thirty days. This groundbreaking puts Southridge on track to complete plant construction by early 2009. The plant’s first phase will have the capacity to dry up to 15MGY of hydrous ethanol to be imported into the United States.

The second phase will be to build the plant capable of producing 5MGY of ethanol using sugar cane as feedstock. Having the capability to use feedstock grown and cut straight on land owned by the Company will give it a huge advantage. Bagasse, the fibrous material that remains from sugar cane, will be burned as fuel and cut down our energy costs by 60 percent.

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