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The HydroVision 2006 Conference and Exhibition, July 18-22 in Austin, Texas, brings together hydro professionals to take part in a variety of activities, all aimed toward enhancing the role and contribution of hydropower.

HydroVision 2006 is the largest and most significant gathering of hydro industry professionals during 2005. Participants convene at the Hilton Austin in Austin, Texas, the week of July 18 to exchange ideas, technology, and approaches for moving hydropower forward as the world’s leading source of renewable energy. The Waterpower conference series is regarded as the industry’s premier technical forum.

This year’s program features innovative approaches to the presentation of information by industry experts. The exhibition focuses on practical and easy access to leading product and service providers. And, a host of pre- and post-conference workshops, technical tours, and professional meetings are carefully organized to help participants maximize their Waterpower experience.

The conference begins Tuesday, July 19, with the opening plenary session. Joseph T. Kelliher, a commissioner with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is the featured speaker. Mr. Kelliher will give Waterpower attendees an insider’s perspective on future electricity supply issues, including where hydropower fits.

Before joining FERC, Kelliher was senior policy adviser to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham.

Industry leaders say Kelliher has a great understanding of, and dedication to, issues specifically affecting hydro.

The exhibition opens Tuesday evening, as conference delegates enjoy a reception from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. More than 135 companies and organizations share their technologies and services for solving regulatory and technical challenges and for helping hydro professionals do their jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively.

On the following pages, you will find detailed information about the exhibitors (as of May 1, 2005), including exhibit hall booth numbers, contact information, and a description of their products and/or services. An easy-to-use layout of the exhibit hall showing the location of each exhibitor’s booth is provided in the on-site conference guide.

New at this year’s conference is “Hydropower Basics,” a training program developed by the Hydropower Training Institute. This innovative curriculum offers a unique overview of the industry through a combination of classroom presentations and a guided plant tour. This course, held July 19 and 20, is designed to help new hires – or persons new to hydro – be more productive, more quickly. Topics covered over a day and a half include the history and technology of hydropower, hydro licensing in the U.S., environmental issues, equipment, and civil structures. The session ends with a technical tour of the Lower Colorado River Authority’s (LCRA) 18-MW Tom Miller Dam in Austin.

The conference and exhibition continues through Thursday, July 21. In addition to technical paper presentations, the traditional backbone of the conference, a number of other types of sessions are featured. Poster gallery sessions, roundtables, and symposia offer numerous ways to learn and exchange information about both technical- and policy-related issues.

The number of topics covered is comprehensive, ranging from project rehabilitation, fish protection, and small hydro to environmental protection and enhancement, civil structures, electrical issues, and new development – just to name a few.

Papers presented in the technical presentation sessions and the poster gallery sessions, as well as topics referred to during the symposia and roundtables, are published in a conference papers CD-Rom. Each conference delegate receives a papers CD. Additional CDs can be purchased from HCI Publications, the conference owner and organizer.

Delegates who participate in the full Waterpower XIV conference will have the opportunity to earn 13 professional development hours (PDHs) or 1.3 continuing education units (CEUs). A certificate of completion will be forwarded after the conference.

The conference’s closing plenary session features a look at hydro, Texas style. Thomas M. Glynn, manager of rail fleet maintenance for the LCRA, has worked with LCRA for nearly 25 years, primarily in maintenance and fabrication. In addition to his familiarity with flood gates and floating bulkheads, he considers himself an informal historian of LCRA. He also prides himself on

During this session, winners of the Hydro Power Contest, as well as the recipient of the distinguished American Society of Civil Engineers’ Rickey Award, are recognized.

Then, it’s on to the closing event, “Experience the Story of Texas,” held at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. Enjoy the company of old colleagues and new acquaintances, while enjoying food, casual entertainment, and three floors of Texas history.

2006 Exhibitors

ABB Inc. Power Technologies Automation

3450 Harvester Road
Burlington, Ontario L7N 3W5 Canada
Telephone: 905-639-8840
Fax: 905-639-8639
Contact: Kazmer Borovszky
Booth #617 See our ads on pages 33 and 119

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation Process Responsible Unit develops new solutions to meet the needs of small and large hydro power plant applications around the world. Offerings include unit and plant automation, control and protection, excitation, electrical balance of plant, and advanced applications. Services include supply, engineering, project management, testing, installation and commissioning supervision, spare parts, service, and training. Please contact us to discuss the range of products and services that will meet the particular needs of your project.

Accumetrics Associates, Inc.

409 Front Street
Schenectady, NY 12305
Telephone: 518-393-2200, extension 124

Fax: 518-393-3622,
Contact: Mark Klein
Booth #814

Accumetrics is a wireless digital telemetry supplier to hydropower users for retrieving temperature, torque, strain, field voltage, field current, ground fault, and other sensor information from rotating generators, motors, pumps, and driveshafts. Installed by Voith Siemens, General Electric, VA TECH (Austria), BC Hydro (Canada), and others, our digital telemetry replaces mechanical slip rings with high accuracy, high reliability, EMI-immune non-contact data transfer technology. Clamp-on collars (no shaft modification) are used to mount the rotating transmitters. The AT-4400 provides 16-bit accuracy; the AT-7000 provides multi-channel acquisition (typically for eight to 16 RTDs, or temperatures/voltages/ground fault).

Accusonic Technologies

28 Patterson Brook Road, Unit 1
West Wareham, MA 02576
Telephone: 508-273-9600
Fax: 508-273-9699,
Contact: Terry Burch
>Booth #121 See our ad on page 48

Accusonic Technologies is the world’s leading supplier of penstock flow meters, turbine efficiency monitoring systems, and penstock leak detection systems for the hydroelectric industry. For more than 25 years, Accusonic has provided products and services for hydro projects throughout the world. Accusonic flow meters are installed in more than 1,500 penstocks, low-head intakes, and inlet canals to provide unit and powerplant performance and environmental information. Accusonic flow measurement and efficiency monitoring services have been used by many consultants and project owners to evaluate turbine condition and performance, including “before and after” unit rehabilitation performance assessment.

Acres International

100 Sylvan Parkway
Amherst, NY 14228
Telephone: 716-689-3737
Fax: 716-689-3749,
Contact: Harbinder Gill
Booth #519 See our ad on page 112

Acres is an international consulting firm offering engineering and management services to the hydropower industry and thermal and nuclear sectors. A member of the Hatch Group, Acres has a staff of 800 engineers, scientists, economists, and others. Acres has provided hydro consulting services for seven decades throughout North America and in 115 countries worldwide. Acres provides services for all aspects of hydropower, including EPCM and design-build projects, dam safety, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing and compliance, due diligence, water resource management, environmental services, economic and financial analysis, risk-based life cycle management analysis, maintenance management, decision support systems, as well as design and rehabilitation.

Advanced Hydro Solutions LLC

150 North Miller Road, Suite 450C
Fairlawn, OH 44140
Telephone: 330-869-8451
Fax: 330-869-8453
Contact: David Sinclair
Booth #713 See our ad on page 114

Advanced Hydro Solutions (AHS) is a provider of a variety of hydroelectric turbine technologies, concept design, project development, and rehabilitation services to the hydroelectric industry in North America. AHS provides innovative, cost-effective solutions adaptable to a wide range of site variables. Our business includes sales of hydroelectric equipment and services, project development for turnkey “water-to-wire” projects, and consulting. Our services include hydrology analysis, energy prediction, licensing support, and creative approaches to hydro development.

Aebi North America Inc.

1823 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, VA 23230
Telephone: 888-SAY-AEBI
Fax: 877-FAX-AEBI,
Contact: Karl Swanson
Booth #918 See our ad on page 114

Aebi North America is the factory representation for AEBI & CO AG in North America. AEBI specializes in tractors that are designed to work safely and efficiently in the steep slope environment. With front and rear PTO, hydrastatic drives, air-conditioned cabs, self leveling seats, four wheel drive, and four wheel steering, these are versatile vehicles for use in various applications from ski hills to roadside mowing to water canal, dams, power lines, and more. These tractors are designed for year-round use with various types of different implements for different applications.

Alden Research Laboratory, Inc.

30 Shrewsbury Street
Holden, MA 01520
Telephone: 508-829-6000
Fax: 508-829-5939,
Contact: Ned Taft
Booth #812 See our ad on page 91

Alden is a leader in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex flow-related problems for the electric power industry, government and municipal agencies, and engineering companies. Hydro services include physical and computer fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, design and evaluation of fish passage and protection technologies (including laboratory and field studies), biological assessments of water withdrawal impacts, turbine performance studies, flow measurement, and conceptual design studies.

Fax: 508-829-5939,
Contact: Ned Taft
Booth #812 See our ad on page 91

Alden is a leader in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex flow-related problems for the electric power industry, government and municipal agencies, and engineering companies. Hydro services include physical and computer fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, design and evaluation of fish passage and protection technologies (including laboratory and field studies), biological assessments of water withdrawal impacts, turbine performance studies, flow measurement, and conceptual design studies.

ALSTOM Power Inc.

7921 SouthPark Plaza, Suite 208
Littleton, CO 80120-4504
Telephone: 303-730-4000
Fax: 303-730-4112
Contact: Ron Miller
Booth #401 See our ad on page 19

For nearly 150 years, ALSTOM and its predecessor companies have brought power to the world’s people and productivity to the world’s industrial processes. We have built a reputation for service, an aptitude for innovation, and a track record of solid business performance. To date, we have an installed capacity of 130,000 MW of turbines and 250,000 MVa of generators. Our capabilities include turnkey projects, complete plant modernization, turbines, generators, excitation systems, governors, hydromechanical equipment, controls, protection, balance of plant, small hydro systems, and operation and maintenance services. We have the understanding and experience to deliver the comprehensive, bottom-line results you expect.

American Babbitt Bearing

P.O. Box 3069, 80 Industrial Lane
Huntington, WV 25705
Telephone: 304-523-5700
Fax: 304523-1222
Contact: Ford A. Blair
Booth #712

American Babbitt Bearing maintains an excellent repair facility utilizing experienced people, modern CNC processing equipment, a modern foundry capable of spin-casting 120-inch OD bearings, and a quality management system specifically designed to meet ISO 9001-2000 requirements. We provide emergency services 24/7/365. We provide pick-up and delivery services when this is faster than commercial motor freighted or other services. Please contact Joe White, Plant Manager, for quotations or information about our company.

American Ductile Iron Pipe/American SpiralWeld Pipe

P.O. Box 2727
Birmingham, AL 35202-2727
Telephone: 800-442-2347
Fax: 800-442-2348,
Contact: Starla Suttles
Booth #701

American Ductile Iron Pipe (ADIP) and American SpiralWeld Pipe (ASWP) manufacture ductile iron pipe and spiral-welded steel pipe for penstocks. Our ductile iron pipe is available in sizes from 4 to 64 inches. Its Fastite joint is a rubber-gasket, push-on joint pressure rated for 350 pounds per square inch (psi) or greater. The pipe’s larger-than-nominal inside diameter, along with our high-performance cement mortar lining, offers flow characteristics for optimal penstock operation. Our spiral-welded steel pipe is available in diameters up to 144 inches with both rubber-gasket and welded joints and various coatings and linings appropriate for above or belowground penstocks.

American Governor Company

101 Garrison Court
Langhorne, PA 19047
Telephone: 215-354-1144
Fax: 215-354-1782
Contact: Scott Ginesin
Booth #319 See our ad on page 44

American Governor Company (AGC) provides support for hydro governors from all manufacturers, including Woodward, Pelton, Allis-Chalmers, Voith, and Lombard. AGC provides new replacement parts, overhauls, field service, training, and technical support. Specialties include Woodward gateshaft governors, mechanical cabinet actuators, electric cabinet actuators (MOD I&II), A-actuators, and most digital controls. AGC also provides digital governor upgrades and unit/plant automation. Other products include pump/ unloader upgrades, distributing valve plungers and bushings, PMG and speed switch parts, and numerous reconditioned parts. AGC hosts its annual Governor School Workshop at its new governor training center with working examples of numerous governor models and auxiliaries.

American Hydro Corporation

135 Stonewood Road, P.O. Box 3628
York, PA 17402
Telephone: 717-755-5300
Fax: 717-755-5522,
Contact: Diane Hake
Booth #300 See our ad on the inside front cover

American Hydro offers innovative solutions, fast delivery, and personal attention in the upgrade and rehabilitation of hydroelectric plants. Since 1986, we have provided more than 400 custom-designed runners for existing and new turbines. Our expertise and advanced computer technology includes the design and manufacture of new turbines and the upgrade of any existing Francis, Kaplan, propeller, pump-turbines, and large pumps. We provide advanced engineering solutions to resolve cavitation, vibration, structural failures, and dissolved oxygen problems. American Hydro is an independently owned U.S. company with all technical, administrative, and manufacturing functions located in York, Pa.

Aquatic Sciences L.P.

40 Centre Drive, Quaker Centre Business Park
Orchard Park, NY 14127
Telephone: 716-667-3507
Fax: 716-667-3509
Contact: Barbara Laurens
Booth #508

Aquatic Sciences L.P. is a marine services, engineering, and environmental sciences company that specializes in the civil engineering inspections of marine structures, dams, pipelines, and flooded tunnels (all lengths, as long as 33,000 feet from a single entry point). Using a fleet of customized remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and other tools – in conjunction with state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies – ASI Group has helped clients from the U.S. to Finland to New Zealand save time and money in the flooded inspection of critical intakes, outfalls, and other tunnel structures and to plan and execute time-effective remediation strategies as needed.

Ashland Industries Inc

1115 Rail Drive
Ashland, WI 54806
Telephone: 877-634-4622,
Contact: Randy Rust
Booth #210 See our ad on page 131

Ashland Industries, formerly known as Hawk Hydraulics, offers hydroelectric power producers a powerful means to remove debris from the turbine intake rack. The Ashland 1200TR trash rake is a knuckle boom device designed to reach into the depths of the water and engage the bottom or toe of the trashrack bars. An articulating rake on the end of the boom sweeps the rack bar of any debris on its upward swing. The debris can be lifted and swung over either side and dumped into a container or redirected into the spillway.


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