Solargy Systems Begins US $120M African Waste-to-Energy Project

Solargy Systems Inc. announced it has hired Cinergex Solutions Ltd, a Canadian provider of waste-to-energy (WTE) technology and equipment, to begin work on a US $120 million energy facility in West Africa that will be operated by Solargy Systems. The facility will generate more than US $100 million in revenue and open the door for additional facilities, using the Solargy model of combining solar and waste to create power, the company said.

“Selecting Cinergex as a partner was no accident,” said Carl Nurse, Solargy’s CEO. “Cinergex has extensive experience developing modular WTE systems in Africa and throughout the developing world, and with their expertise we will be able to deliver these systems in a timely and affordable manner.”

The facility, which will be able to process 1,000 tons of waste per day, will be completed in 2010. Management at Solargy said that they are also in the advanced stages of discussions relating to projects in the Caribbean, Africa and South East Asia.

“Clearly, the economics are right, and we expect to have a number of firm commitments for our hybrid waste to energy systems soon. These projects will add several hundred million in revenues when completed. We share a vision of helping emerging economies meet the challenges of supplying economical green power solutions. Projections for 2009 are estimated at US $25 million from solar photovoltaic systems and expand with the introduction of hybrid systems to US $120 million in 2010,” Nurse said.



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