SolarGenerations Program Expands to Include Wind & Hydro

Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power Company have announced that they are expanding their SolarGenerations renewable energy programs to include cash incentives for wind and hydroelectric power systems as well as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Both Nevada utilities are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Sierra Pacific Resources.

The last session of the Nevada State Legislature made the SolarGenerations demonstration program permanent, doubling the total amount of installed photovoltaic energy eligible for rebates from 1,900 kilowatts (kW) to 3,760 kW, and adding the new WindGenerations and HydroGenerations programs. Together, these programs are called RenewableGenerations.

Eligible customers include Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power residential and small business customers who plan on installing a PV system or a wind turbine at their homes or businesses. Schools and public buildings are also eligible for rebates for solar and wind energy. Only agricultural customers who plan on installing hydroelectric power are eligible for the HydroGenerations program.

“RenewableGenerations will build on the SolarGenerations Program and develop new elements for wind and hydro, including a network of electrical contractors to help recruit customers,” said John Hargrove, program manager for energy efficiency and conservation for Sierra Pacific and Nevada Power. “These projects deliver benefits on many levels: they reduce energy bills, provide learning opportunities, help the environment, and increase our energy independence by taking advantage of abundant natural energy sources right in our own backyard.”

Rebate levels for the 2009-2010 program year are:


  • Residential — up to 5,000 watts at US $2.30 per watt
  • Small Business — up to 30,000 watts at US $2.30 per watt
  • Schools — up to 50,000 watts at US $4.60 per watt
  • Public Buildings — up to 30,000 watts at US $4.60 per watt

WindGenerations (certain rules and restriction may apply)

  • US $2.50 per watt up to 10 kilowatts
  • US $1.50 per watt for systems larger than 10 kilowatts  

HydroGenerations (available for agricultural customers meeting certain criteria)

  • US $2.50 per watt
Customers can apply for rebates through the new program beginning at on September 4, 2008 through October 8, 2008. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis and the opportunity to apply is only available once a year.


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