Solar Runway Lighting for the U.S. Marine Corps

[] The U.S. military has proven to be a surprisingly strong supporter of renewable energy technologies, largely because solar and other renewable energy technologies can offer speed and mobility to operations and projects that were previously unthinkable. The Canada-based Carmanah company has tapped into some of the U.S. Military’s niche needs through their solar-powered lighting systems. The U.S. Marine Corps just completed an order for 1000 units of the company’s airfield lighting units which can be used for taxiway edge, helipad edge, runway edge and obstruction lighting at the Marine Corps’ second largest air base in the Middle East. Since introducing its solar-powered LED aviation lights in early 2002, Carmanah has quickly become the primary supplier to military, commercial and private airfields worldwide. The Company already has installations in more than 80 countries.
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