Solar-Powered LEDs to Light Up U.S. Air Bases in the Middle East

After successful field trials at two different U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) bases in the Middle East, the USMC has ordered a number of Carmanah Technologies Corp.’s solar-powered LED general illumination systems (Model FP-50) for an air base in the Middle East. And the U.S. Air Force has purchased Carmanah’s Model A704-5 PSALS for portable, emergency and permanent defense and civilian operations for the Salerno U.S. Air Force Base in Afghanistan.

The order from the USMC of FP-50 systems will be used for apron floodlighting, taxiway/runway intersection lighting, building lighting, path lighting and general illumination. The units proved to be reliable and durable under the Middle East’s extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. The $767,270 order is scheduled for final installation during September and October 2006. The USMC currently uses more than 260 Carmanah GI-102 solar-powered LED spotlights in the Middle East; more than 6000 of Carmanah’s solar LED aviation lights, spotlights and floodlights are in use by the USMC. The FP-50 solar-powered LED general illumination system is suitable for perimeter lighting, security lighting, sign lighting and other types of floodlight applications. It can be programmed to operate automatically from dusk till dawn, as well as on demand using an external motion sensor or other type of switch. In other news, the U.S. Air Force purchased Carmanah’s Portable Airfield Lighting System, specifically its Model A704-5 PSALS for portable, emergency and permanent defense and civilian operations. The PSALS system will be installed at the Salerno US Air Force Base in Afghanistan. The complete Carmanah PSALS system includes 26 units of Model A704-5 runway edge lights, 2 units of its proprietary hand-held RF controllers, 10,000 feet of milspec cable, supporting transformers, and various Model A704-5 mounting accessories. The PSALS system operates on a combination of solar power and 240 V power from the generator, and will be used for both tactical and stealth operations.
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