Solar Power for North Bay Homeless Shelter

Sun Power & Geothermal Energy (SPG) installed a 22 kW solar system on the roof of Petaluma’s Mary Isaak Center. The facility is operated by COTS (Committee on the Shelterless), and offers hope and help to homeless persons in Sonoma County by providing food, shelter and housing, and results-oriented programs to prepare people for a home of their own.

Located in Petaluma, the Mary Isaak Center is 22,000 sf. The 22 kW system combined with a new A-6 rate schedule recommended by SPG, is reducing electricity costs by about 45 percent for the year by eliminating the most expensive daytime consumption, while producing the maximum credits through Time-of-Use PG&E billing. “This was a great partnership among the city, designer, builder, project manager — everyone associated with the facility,” said Roger Kirkpatrick, Associate Director of COTS. “Because we did not have sufficient roof space, we could not put in a full-sized system to bring our electric bills to zero. But we were able to identify a system size and design, coupled with a new PG&E rate schedule, that resulted in the best return on investment from this installation.” The total cost of the system was $161,500. After a state rebate of $60,000, the net cost of the system was $ 101,500. The annual energy savings is estimated to be $10,072, resulting in a simple payback of about 10 years.
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