SOLAR 2006: The Latest News from Denver (Update 2)

Two observers share their experiences from the show floor.

Carbon Caps Might Not Result in Less Pollution By Rebecca Cantwell Chances are better than 50-50 that within three years, installing solar power systems will result in no reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. That was the startling assertion of Rob Harmon of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation in discussing carbon caps at a workshop Monday afternoon at SOLAR 2006. If a cap and trade policy similar to that in effect for sulphur dioxide is put in place for carbon dioxide, he said it will not result in a net reduction in the pollutant. Rather, Harmon said, a system based on how much power each source contributes to the power grid would give clean energy producers proper credit. “Under a cap and trade system, the only way to reduce air pollution is to reduce the number of allowances to emit,” he said. PvH Blog Entry for SOLAR 2006 (July 11, 2006) By Phil von Hake Hello Again, All … I’m afraid my media relations and other duties swallowed up most/all of my Tuesday at SOLAR 2006, so I was unable to make to hardly any sessions. BUT since my mission in life is to spread the word of a more sustainable future as far & wide as I can, I was definitely happy to have such a steady flow of mainstream-media reporters and photographers come through the conference and exhibit hall. The NBC affiliate from Colorado Springs was here for over an hour(!), and quite enamored with the solar and plug-in hybrid car technology on display. Another reporter from the Denver Post also spent about that much time interviewing ASES leaders, and learning about the types of energy that will (finally!) become mainstream in our future. I forgot to mention last night’s “SERI Pioneers Reunion.” I’d been to a similar reunion back in 2002, for the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Solar Energy Research Institute (now NREL). I was able to talk with some attendees at this year’s reunion: along with the usual “what’s new,” there was also a lot of “We TOLD you so!” permeating the entire reunion. I’ll bet that most of us (myself included, for sure) have not been working on renewable energy for nearly as long as the average SERI Pioneer. Just as Tom Hanks has told you to seek out D-Day veterans and listen to their stories, I encourage you to seek out SERI Pioneers in your own circles, thank & congratulate them for staying true to this mission for so long, and learn from their triumphs, trials, and tribulations. For me, I have to thank people like Ron Larson, Steve Sargent, Morey Wolfson, Marc Samuelson, Syl Morgan-Smith, and many others for continuously inspiring me to keep Fighting the Good Fight. Wednesday will be a very big day, with names like Denis Hayes and James Woolsey speaking. Thanks for Reading and Stay Tuned! PvH
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