Smarter Grids, Smarter Cities and Common-Sense Planning

Many solutions to the world’s problems take nothing more than a common-sense approach. No one pretends that the environmental and social challenges ahead will be easy to solve, but sometimes the solutions simply require a different way of thinking. This week, we’ve got more interviews from the Cleantech Forum in Washington, DC on some of those common-sense solutions.

We’ll look at the evolution of electricity demand response with EnerNOC CEO Timothy Healy. There are certainly many technological hurdles in front of the development of a smart grid, but the concept of better electricity management is an easy one for utilities and their customers to understand. Healy will describe how the U.S. smart-grid market may grow and what EnerNoc’s role will be in that growth.

We’ll talk about the aggressive carbon reduction goals of Stockholm, Sweden with the city’s CEO Irene Svenonius. She’ll describe the role of government and individuals in making common-sense choices to create an environmentally-friendly, economically-vibrant community.

Then we’ll explore the future role of cities in creating a more sustainable world with Chris Luebkeman, Director of Global Foresight and Innovation at the engineering firm Arup. He’ll talk about the importance of looking at sustainability through more than just an economic lens.

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