Small Hydro Returns to Ottawa River

Small hydro is going through a technological, Renewal Energy revival in this Canadian province.

OTTAWA, Ontario – May 8, 2002 [] Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, along with Glen Shortliffe, Chair of Hydro Ottawa, and Ottawa Mayor, Bob Chiarelli, have officially opened Energy Ottawa’s environmentally-sound generating facilities, located on the Ottawa River, which are refurbished with state-of-the-art technology. “Small hydroelectric powerhouses such as these provide us with a clean source of energy and offset power production from energy sources that create greenhouse gas emissions,” said Dhaliwal. “By bringing Energy Ottawa’s facility back into service, we are witnessing sustainable resource development in action, helping us improve the quality of life of all Canadians.” The Government of Canada contributed $280,000 to this project and Gestion Conseil S.C.P. provided an in-kind contribution. Energy Ottawa invested $10 million to upgrade its generating facilities. The Government of Canada has contributed $547,000, through the Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) component of the Climate Change Action Fund (CCAF) and Natural Resources Canada towards mini and small refurbishment projects in the National Capital Region. This project is the first to be completed. “In addition to the immediate benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 88,828 tons a year, we are confident that Energy Ottawa’s green power project will encourage other municipalities to upgrade existing small or mini-hydro sites,” said Environment Minister, David Anderson. Natural Resources Canada is working with stakeholders to accelerate the development and the commercialization of technologies that use renewable sources. This hydro facility was rebuilt using innovative control systems and turbines whose performance is optimized through computational fluid dynamics simulation. This technology is being adapted to another site in the National Capital Region and holds great potential for other retrofits in Canada and worldwide. Energy Ottawa, an affiliate of Hydro Ottawa, working with Gestion Conseil S.C.P. of Sherbrooke, Quebec, a private developer of innovative technologies to renovate old hydroelectric powerhouses, were responsible for refurbishing and automating hydroelectric generating facilities in Ottawa. Canada has a well-established small-hydro industry, employing 2,000 people and contributing $150 million to the economy annually. It is a recognized leader in several areas, including: low-cost application of control systems using microprocessors; upgrading refurbishment of existing hydro turbines; and development of innovative fish bypass systems. Small-hydro markets in Canada and abroad are immense, and the Canadian industry is well positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.
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