Sierra Geothermal Power Gets Data on Nevada’s Reese River Project

Geothermal Power Corp. is encouraged by preliminary drilling results from the Reese River exploration well (56-4) recently completed on the Reese River Geothermal Project.

The exploration well was drilled on the southeast flank of the thermal gradient anomaly and was designed to test the reservoir characteristics. For recommendations, use third link below. Further exploration work for the well 56-4 includes obtaining fluid samples for geochemical analysis and temperature profiles. Additional well sites and temperature-gradient holes have already been permitted and geophysical surveys and production assessment wells are being considered for permits. The Reese River project was rated by Richards and Blackwell as one of the top 15 undeveloped geothermal prospects in Nevada (Source: Geothermal Resource Council, Bulletin March/April 2002, The Forgotten Ones). The maximum calculated heat flow at Reese River is 1117 mW/m2 (Amax 1998). Using a Monte Carlo simulation, the potential geothermal resource at Reese River was estimated to have a 90% probability of generating 13 MW and a 50% probability of exceeding 30 MW (Source: New Geothermal Site Identification and Qualification, PIER study prepared by GeothermEx, 2004). A 30 MW power plant is able to produce enough electricity to power 24,000 homes.
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