Deep Ocean Engineering releases new ROV

Deep Ocean Engineering offers Vector T4, a new version of the company’s Vector M5 remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Vector T4 can operate to depths of 1,000 meters while accommodating significant payload for a suite of tools and sensors, the company says. This ROV is a lighter-weight, more powerful successor to the company’s Triggerfish ROV. Vector T4 is nearly 9 inches shorter in length and has a high thrust to weight radio, meaning it can operate in strong current, Deep Ocean says.

This new ROV incorporates use of a rugged laptop manufactured by GETAC. In addition, Vector T4 comes standard with dimmable light-emitting diode (LED) lights that enable alternative lighting patterns to reduce camera back scatter by as much as 90 percent, Deep Ocean says.

Vector T4 uses a common graphical user interface operating system, a common proprietary brushless thruster design, and many other common parts, the company says. RS #300

In-Situ releases water level instrument

In-Situ Inc. offers its Level Troll 200 instrument for monitoring and logging water level/pressure and temperature.

This new instrument is corrosion-resistant and offers flexible communications, low power consumption, and a direct-read cable, the company says. Three modes – linear, fast linear, and event logging – are included to monitor water levels and collect hydrological event data. Flexible Modbus, RS485, or SDI-12 outputs allow users to connect to In-Situ’s Troll Link telemetry system, a RuggedReader handled personal computer, a laptop computer, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, or third-party data collection platforms, the company says.

In-Situ says the product comes with a guarantee for battery life: The instrument will operate for a minimum of five years (2 million readings) or the customer receives a free instrument replacement. Level Troll 200 also can be run on external solar power, external battery packs, or other power from data collection platforms, the company says. RS #301

American Sensor offers pressure sensor catalog

American Sensor Technologies announces availability of its OEM Pressure Sensor Catalog on its website at

The catalog features 20 pressure sensors for gauge, absolute, and differential measurement in ranges from 2.5 pounds per square inch (psi) to 60,000 psi. The catalog also uses images from leading industries to describe how pressure sensors and transmitters are used in different applications, the company says. RS #302

VideoRay presents Pro 4 remotely operated vehicle

VideoRay offers its Pro 4 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system.

This latest model in its professional series has entirely new internal electronics, including camera, processor, and drive train, the company says. Topside control of this ROV is based on industry standard laptop computers, with new software that integrates several functions while dynamically reconfiguring for ease of use, VideoRay says.

This new unit has more than twice the vertical thrust of the Pro 3, with 50 percent greater horizontal thrust, the company says. Both models have a depth rating of 1,000 feet.

Pro 4 series ROVs are sold in configurations, such as CD (commercial dive), designed to solve a specific task or series of underwater tasks, VideoRay says. RS #303

Eaton upgrades switchboards and breakers

Eaton announces that its Cutler-Hammer Magnum SB technology is the default in its switchboards and breakers above 2500 A.

Magnum SB is a low-voltage insulated case power circuit breaker family. This technology is designed for the performance and economic requirements of UL 891 switchboards, Eaton says.

The company says this technology provides several benefits, including 100 percent rating at full continuous current, three frame sizes to facilitate compact enclosure options, high withstand breakers for maximum coordination, and reduced arc flash. RS #304

Rolled Alloys adds stainless steel to inventory

Rolled Alloys announces the addition of Zeron 100 super duplex stainless steel to its North American inventory.

Zeron 100 is a 25 percent chromium, 7 percent nickel, and 3.5 percent molybdenum stainless steel with the addition of tungsten and copper, the company says. Rolled Alloys carries plate, sheet, bar, pipe, fittings, and welding products in this line. RS #305

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Tool for measuring shaft plumbness

Ludeca offers Inclineo, a shaft plumbness measurement system that uses electronic inclinometer technology with a resolution of 0.0003 degree, the company says.

The company says Inclineo can be used with interchangeable mounting bases to measure relative or absolute angularity, flatness, levelness, or parallelism of surfaces, as well as plumbness of vertical shafts, perpendicularity of planes, and straightness along a line. Inclineo features rotatable housing to allow measure-ments at any angular position, Ludeca says.

Inclineo shaft plumbness tool

The tool atta-ches to the shaft magnetically.

Ensuring that shafts are plumb reduces wear, imbalan-ces, vibrations, and temperatures, thus increasing bearing life and improving overall efficiency, the company says. RS #300

Schweitzer Engineering upgrades protection relay

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL) provides a new feature, arc flash detection, on its SEL-751A feeder protection relay.

This relay provides complete feeder protection, with overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and frequency elements, the company says.

The sensor’s high-speed, high-current interrupting outputs minimize the total fault-clearing time, the company says. And light-sensing technology allows fast overcurrent protection without false tripping, SEL says.

The relay can be installed into new switchgear or retrofit into existing equipment, SEL says. Project operators with SEL-751A relays already installed can upgrade them using the field-installable arc-flash detection kit.

The relay also allows remote metering, event, and maintenance information with Ethernet or serial communication, SEL says. RS #301

Flow Science releases new version of FLOW-3D software

Flow Science Inc. announces the release of a new version of its FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics software.

The company says FLOW-3D v9.4 offers many new benefits, including multi-sediment scour and bed load transport model, scour potential model, non-linear Stokes waves, temperature-dependent material properties, and new hydraulic data output.

Flow Science says FLOW-3D provides engineers valuable insight into many physical flow processes. Flow-3D is an all-inclusive package, with an integrated graphical user interface. RS #302

Campbell Scientific upgrades support software

Campbell Scientific offers LoggerNet 4, the newest version of its data logger support software.

LoggerNet is computer software for the company’s data loggers that supports programming, communication, and data retrieval between Campbell Scientific data loggers and a personal computer. LoggerNet consists of a server application and several client applications integrated into a single product, the company says. The server stores data in a cache and writes data to a variety of formats, including ASCII, binary, and XML, Campbell Scientific says.

New features for LoggerNet 4 are more user-configurable options; View Pro, a data display tool; and Network Planner, a tool that allows development, modeling, and verification of PakBus networks.

Campbell Scientific offers a 30-day trial version of LoggerNet 4. RS #303

Star-Oddi announces updated website

Star-Oddi has updated its website at The company manufactures technology for fish tagging, as well as temperature and depth loggers.

The company says this redesigned website contains several new features, including a “Choose by sensor” option on the Products page. This feature allows users to select a particular type of sensor (temperature, pressure, conductivity, tilt, magnetic field strength, or acoustic receiver) and receive a narrowed product list.

LoggerNet 4 support software

Another new feature is a comparison option, which allows users to compare various features of up to three products at the same time, such as sensors, size, battery life, and accuracy.

In addition, the redesigned site contains a newsletter specific to those with an interest in fisheries, as well as online access to brochures and user manuals. RS #304

Jergens offers line of machine vises

Jergens Inc. announces availability of a line of Precision Machine Vises.

The company says this line is ideal for prototype and tool room applications, versus high-volume production operations. The vises come in a wide array of sizes, styles, and configurations to meet almost any precision machining application requirements, Jergens says.

Jergens offers other vises for high-volume production operations, including manual and hydraulic versions. RS #305

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