Dickson offers online instrument selection guide

Dickson Company offers an online instrument selection guide at its website,

This data logger selection guide allows users to choose from four types of loggers: temperature, temperature and humidity, pressure, and event and universal.

For example, temperature loggers are available in six categories: display, probe, alarm, wireless, high temperature, and economical. Choosing alarm provides a table with 14 options and the features of each, including temperature range, accuracy, and price.

Data loggers require calibration to best monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions. Instrument calibration provides accuracy, quality control, regulatory compliance and protection from liability claims.

The company, based in Addison, Ill., also offers data logger accessories, such as probes and cables, and calibration services. RS #300

SeaTrepid ROV offers Sound Metrics sonar

Sound Metrics Corp. has integrated its DIDSON (dual-frequency identification sonar) imaging technology into SeaTrepid Louisiana LLC’s Outland 1000 remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Bob Christ, SeaTrepid founder and owner, says the collaboration between SeaTrepid and Sound Metrics was developed in response to a need to assess underwater storm damage after hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region.


Side-scan sonar

Side-scan sonar

Users of the Outland 1000 small observation class ROV can view images in tight or hazardous underwater situations using DIDSON’s pan and tilt capabilities. The sonar system uses two- and three-dimensional acoustic lens technology to produce near-video quality images in dark or debris-filled waters.

Sound Metrics co-owner Joe Burch says the addition of DIDSON sensors to SeaTrepid’s small ROVs provides a user with imaging capabilities without the expense and labor involved in deploying larger ROVs. RS #301

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