Seminole Adds 22 MW of Renewable Capacity to its Florida Portfolio

Seminole Electric Cooperative recently signed two new purchase power contracts for renewable energy. With the two agreements Seminole now has more than 100 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy in its portfolio of generating resources.

Tampa-based Seminole is the wholesale power supplier to 10 member distribution systems that together comprise the third largest group of energy consumers in Florida.

The first agreement gives Seminole an additional 20 MW of new renewable capacity and energy from the expansion of a waste-wood biomass plant in Liberty County, Florida, beginning in 2010.

Seminole currently has a 12.5 MW purchase power contract with the existing facility, which is owned and operated by Telogia Power LLC. The expanded contract will give Seminole a total of 32.5 MW from the company or its affiliates through November 2023.

The second contract is with Timberline Energy LLC. Timberline will build and operate a 1.6 MW landfill gas-fueled power station in Hernando County, Florida, and sell Seminole the capacity and energy. This contract will run from February 2008 through March 31, 2020.

“All of our renewable energy facilities are in Florida, which is part of our goal to promote the development of renewable resources in the state,” notes Mike Opalinski, senior vice president of Strategic Services.


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