Second Hydrogen Station Planned for Singapore

[] BP and JTC Corporation (JTC) have signed an agreement to co-operate in the development and installation of hydrogen re-fuelling technology. This collaboration promotes and encourages activities in green technologies such as alternative energies and the application of hydrogen fuel cell technology. In addition, this also supports BP’s involvement in the Clean Cars for Clean Cities Project. Clean Cars for Clean Cities is a collaborative effort between BP and DaimlerChrysler to support the introduction of pre-commercial hydrogen fuel cell cars and hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Singapore, Los Angeles and Berlin. Joining with JTC means that BP will work on its second hydrogen re-fuelling station in Singapore. It will be a standalone site, and will consist of hydrogen production facility utilizing electrolysis technology by Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide (SOXAL) for on-site hydrogen production, compression equipment, and a vehicle refuelling dispenser unit located under a canopy. The project should be completed by second quarter of 2005.


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