Scottish Wave Project Gets Go-ahead

Consent for the 4-megawatt (MW) Siadar wave energy project on the Scottish island of Lewis has been granted by the Scottish government. npower renewables, a UK-subsidiary of RWE Innogy, will be the operator of the planned facility with Wavegen, the Scottish subsidiary of Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation, the technology partner providing the oscillating water column (OWC) machines.

A new breakwater is to be built housing the Wavegen turbines. As well as providing electricity, the installation could also provide shelter and facilitate the development of a fair weather harbour for small craft, one of the aims of the Siadar Pier Group.

The project will harness power from Atlantic waves in Siadar Bay and is set to be one of the first projects to operate under the Scottish government’s proposed multiple Renewable Obligation Certificates support scheme.

Matthew Seed, CEO of Wavegen, said the technology will now be employed at full commercial scale, “paving the way for real cost efficiencies which will bring the cost of wave energy closer to that of more established technologies.”

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