San Francisco Goes Renewable in Quest for Olympic Games

San Francisco is trying to enhance its bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games by using a wide variety of green options, including renewable energy, electric vehicles and mass transit.

SAN FRANCISCO, California, US, 2001-12-11 [] The Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee, a group of political, sports and business leaders promoting the bid, is making unprecedented environmental promises in an effort to edge ahead of other world cities and to head off potential opposition from environmental groups. From alternative energy to smog reduction, the Committee’s bid contains a list of commitments that would decrease the environmental impact of a 2012 Olympics in San Francisco. Housing would be built on 70 acres on the northern side of Moffett Field for 3,000 athletes, with the buildings powered by solar and wind energy, while also supplying energy to the state power grid. There would be no vehicle parking at any venue, similar to the 2000 Sydney Olympics. All tickets would provide access to rapid transit, Caltrain, light rail, ferries and buses. Spectators would be shuttled in electric buses and all vendors and contractors would follow ISO 14000 standards and the U.S. Green Building Council’s ‘platinum standard’ that requires recycled materials and energy-efficient construction. The U.S. Olympic Committee has named San Francisco as a finalists with New York, Houston and Washington, DC. It will name one city next year before the International Olympic Committee in 2005 selects the final host city.


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