San Diego Backs Green Power Projects

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) has signed contracts with 11 suppliers, including the City of San Diego, for 15 Renewable Energy projects that will produce nearly 4 percent of its expected customers’ electricity needs for 2003 and approximately 7 percent of SDG&E’s customer needs in 2004.

San Diego, California – December 13, 2002 [] The contracts range from five to 15 years in length. “SDG&E is committed to developing energy solutions to help create a competitive regional economy,” said Debra L. Reed, president and CFO of Sempra Energy Utilities — SDG&E and Southern California Gas Co. Today, San Diegans receive the bulk of their power from two sources: long-term energy contracts — most of which rely on natural gas-powered generation — signed by the state’s Department of Water Resources during the energy crisis and SDG&E’s few remaining generation assets, including a 20 percent interest in San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. “San Diego needs to develop and use more Renewable Energy resources,” said San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy. “These contracts demonstrate that San Diego Gas & Electric is working with the city to make Renewable Energy a significant factor in our city’s energy future.” SDG&E will begin directly purchasing the remaining amount of its customers’ needs on January 1. A large portion of those needs will be met using power from new projects, which will increase the amount of Renewable Energy available in the region and the state. “This is an excellent partnership between the city and SDG&E,” said Deputy Mayor Ralph Inzunza. “We are turning the city’s trash into an environmental benefit, and SDG&E’s contract helps us enhance the quality of life for all our citizens and customers.” “By making an aggressive commitment to Renewable Energy, SDG&E has taken the first critical steps toward reaching the 20 percent standard enacted earlier this year by the California legislature,” said Matt Freedman, staff attorney with The Utility Reform Network (TURN), California’s largest utility ratepayer advocacy organization. “Increasing Renewable Energy usage will promote stable prices, reliable electricity supplies, and provide a critical long-term insurance policy for San Diego residents.”

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