Safety of Vietnam’s 190-MW Song Tranh 2 Hydroelectric Project Still in Question

The Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technology Associations has found that movement of the dam that impounds water for the country’s 190-MW Song Tranh 2 hydropower plant could pose a threat to the Bac Tra My District, has learned.

The group announced its findings after an increasing amount of seismic activity — including an earthquake that registered 4.2 on the Richter scale — continues to rattle the Song Tranh 2 Dam.

According to the association’s report, no fault or eroding water flow has been found under the dam’s foundation. However,the group has found water flows that run inside both sides of the Song Tranh 2 Dam, leading to concrete movement inside the body of the dam.

An official with the group says repairs wouldn’t be expensive but that the structure poses a dangerous threat if the problem isn’t remedied soon.

Until then, the group says the reservoir should be lowered to reduce potential risks.

The Song Tranh 2 Dam impounds more than 730 million cubic meters of water and is among the largest dams in central Vietnam.

Lead image: Vietnam river via Shutterstock


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