RusSUNHydro Conducts Hydropower Study

The joint Russian-Indian power company RusSUNHydro has begun feasibility studies on the possibility of participation in a tender process for a number of hydropower sites in Himachal Pradesh, India.

As part of the investigation and preparation of project documents RusSUNHydro has entered into an agreement with Tojo Vikas International Pvt. Ltd regarding the preparation of preliminary research material on each project. RusSUNHydro was founded in 2007 by the Russian HydroOGK and SUN Group. The parties have equal shares in the venture.

The joint venture is running the process of establishing a hydro generation company for constructing and operating hydro stations in India. By the year 2017 India plans to build 50 GW of new hydropower plants and the joint venture plans to be an active part in this construction.

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